Beat the plateau


Feel like you’ve hit a wall with your progress? A plateau can be a common – and very frustrating – occurrence in a weight loss programme.

However, it is important not to become discouraged if you feel you’re not dropping the pounds quickly enough; you can soon get back on track by making some minor alterations to your routine. Whatever you do, don’t give up!


One of the best ways to overcome a weight loss plateau is through regular changes to your exercise routine.

By alternating your physical activities (being sure to include both aerobic exercises and weight lifting in your plan) you will both burn calories and build muscle. This can help compensate for any decrease in metabolism associated with your weight loss so far.


Try to eat smaller portions more frequently and never skip meals: taking the little and often approach can lead to a temporary boost in metabolism, whereas going without food only slows things down.

It can also help keep your blood sugar levels constant and prevent sugar cravings from creeping in and stalling your progress even further.

© Sarah West Nutrition

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