Hearty reasons to get fit


If you’re lacking enthusiasm, try making a mental list of all the ways that keeping fit can help improve your quality of life and increase your life-span.

Just thinking about all the amazing things you’ll be doing for yourself can be incredibly motivating; no matter what might be on your list of cons, they’re sure to be outnumbered by the pros.


According to research, physical fitness might be even more important than weight loss when it comes to protecting your heart.

54645Experts say that regardless of your Body Mass Index, if you’re physically fit you’re at reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.  So never let your weight make you feel self conscious about visiting the gym- every trip you could be increasing your life span.


One of the most commonly used vegetables is iceberg lettuce, which doesn’t provide many nutrients due to its high water content.

To get more benefit from your lunch, try replacing lettuce with salad leaves that really pack a punch – such as baby spinach, kale or watercress. These taste delicious and also provide valuable vitamin A and folate, the heart-healthy B vitamin.

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