Do what you love


‘If you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work’.

You’ve probably heard this saying before and it also applies to exercise and nutrition; by choosing ways to be healthy that fill you with joy rather than dread, you will find your journey to wellbeing feels more effortless.


Exercise should be about more than just a way to get in shape; it should be a break from the stresses of life and something you can really look forward to.

Don’t just hammer away on the treadmill; try a variety of different routines and machines and discover what your favourites are. You’ll be amazed by the extra lift you get from loving the exercise you do as well as the benefits it provides.


To eat well without feeling deprived, try making some healthier versions of your favourite foods.

If you love a fry up, grill some bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms and serve with scrambled eggs and wholemeal toast. If chips are your favourite, try chopping some sweet potato or celeriac into wedges and roasting with a light spray of olive oil. Delicious and nutritious!

© Sarah West Nutrition

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