Under the weather


As winter draws nearer and temperatures drop, colds and ‘flu-like symptoms are rife. Whilst it may seem tempting to push on through it, exercising when you feel unwell will only set you back in terms of recovery, causing you even more time away from your fitness programme.

If you want to make real progress, take a few days off and get back to it once you’re feeling 100%.


Exercise prompts a temporary rise in immune system cells that attack foreign invaders within the body, meaning that those who are physically active five or more days a week are a third less likely to catch a respiratory infection (such as the common cold).

Although these levels return to normal within a few hours, each session is likely to provide an additional immune boost to fight off infection. So when you’re feeling well, keep your training regular!


Maintaining adequate vitamin stores in the body is essential for an effective immune response: well-nourished individuals are far better prepared to both fight and recover from infections.

Be sure to include varied and nutritious foods such as lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, legumes and nuts and seeds in your diet, all of which will provide you with vital nutrients and help boost your protection against germs.

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