Eat, drink and be merry


On Christmas Day it can be hard to stay healthy. The average Christmas dinner contains over 1,400 calories; 70% of the total calorie intake for an adult woman and over half the amount for an adult man. So what can you do to limit the damage?


Make physical activity a priority, wherever you are. On Christmas Day, why not try energetic traditional family games (such as Charades or Twister) or get 5interactive with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox connect.

You’ll have fun, involve everyone and help raise your heart rate at the same time.


The occasional slip-up is inevitable, particularly when you’re surrounded by indulgent food and drink. So if you do end up eating a little more than you intended this Christmas, go easy on yourself.

One day of overindulgence is not worth beating yourself up over; simply reaffirm your goals and start afresh the next day.

© Sarah West Nutrition

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