In the genes


Blaming your weight on genetics can seem a good way to dismiss all responsibility towards it. However, while your genes can determine where and how easily fat is stored, long term weight gain is far more likely to be the result of individual lifestyle factors.


The only way you’ll lose weight successfully is to accept responsibility for yourself and acknowledge that you do have the power to get in shape, regardless what mother nature has given you
to work with.

1Regular physical activity can help you to burn calories, boost your metabolism and increase self-esteem, whatever your genetic make-up.


Believing you are destined to be overweight is a very disempowering and self-defeating attitude. Whilst we inherit certain genes from our parents, we often inherit dietary habits too – which can have just as much impact.

Try keeping a food diary to help identify any particular areas of weakness that might be preventing you from making progress.

© Sarah West Nutrition

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