Are you addicted?


Scientists have found that over consumption of high-calorie food actually triggers an addiction-like response in the brain, encouraging people to crave even more sugar, salt-laden food.

If this sounds familiar, how can you break the cycle?


If you’re struggling with cravings, try changing your environment and doing something positive for yourself that will make you feel good.

478859372848550489_N8JygsMs_cA trip to the gym is ideal as it will not only relieve stress (another common junk food trigger) but can cause you to feel less hungry and more emotionally satisfied. You might be surprised at how quickly the craving evaporates.


Food combinations that include high amounts of salt and sugar are more stimulating, meaning that most people can’t limit themselves to suitable portions.

Foods that won’t trigger cravings are those that occur in nature, such as high fibre complex carbohydrates (i.e. wholegrains and vegetables) plus protein and small amounts of fat. By sticking to more natural foods you will find you feel much more in control of your choices.

© Sarah West Nutrition

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