Lasting weight loss


How many times have you gone on a diet? And more to the point, how many times have you gone off a diet?

More than 80% of people who lose weight will regain it – and sometimes more – within two years. So forget unrealistic, fad diets; if you want to sustain your weight loss it’s time to commit to some sensible, life-long changes.


weightloss3Studies show that people who lose weight and keep it off long-term tend to participate in regular physical activity.

To help keep it up, avoid starting with unrealistic expectations. Instead, try setting yourself smaller, more realistic goals that will continually spur you on and encourage you to keep going. After all, exercise should be a journey and not a destination.


People get drawn into restrictive, quick-fix diets with the promise of rapid weight loss. However, if you want results that will stick you need to reconsider the notion of healthy eating merely as a temporary fix.

Instead, think about what you’re doing as a permanent lifestyle shift; your attitude should be “This is how I eat now”. A sensible, balanced diet that you can sustain over time will lead to real, long-term results.

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