Get beach ready


The holiday season is nearly upon us and it’s time for swimming trunks, sarongs and bikinis to emerge from their hibernation.

If the thought of baring your body on the beach fills you with dread then it’s time to really focus on getting in tip top shape. Don’t put it off… start today and you’ll soon be shedding those layers with confidence.


Interval training is one of the single most effective ways to burn fat. Try exercising at your normal pace for several minutes, then briefly at a more intense pace (as fast as you can!), before slowing to your normal pace again.

Slowly build up these intervals so that with each high intensity burst you’re working harder than the one before. Our bodies are quick to adapt to exercise and if you work hard you should see a redcution in body fat within 4 weeks.


To see a noticeable difference in your weight (without resorting to questionable fad diets), try focusing your meals around appetite-supressing protein and high-fibre vegetables. You will naturally feel satisfied for longer, helping you to resist the lure of calorific snacks between meals.

Protein consumption also helps you to retain muscle whilst losing fat, which is vital for achieving a lean, enviable physique.

© Sarah West Nutrition

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