Happy, Healthy Christmas


The average Christmas dinner comes to a massive 6,500 calories. However, enjoying a hearty Christmas lunch whilst still following a healthy eating plan is still perfectly achievable; all you have to do is make a few minor adjustments. With a bit of planning you can breeze through the season without it registering on the scales.


Christmas is the season to enjoy a little over-indulgence – but it’s also time to keep up the exercise. Research has revealed that keeping fit actually affects how much we eat in the first place. A recent Harvard University study found that physical exercise encourages a healthy diet, so regular exercise (such as a brisk walk or jog each morning) might help you to limit the damage this year.


The skin on a turkey, or any other roasted poultry, is where most of the fat is; if you remove the skin you can save around 40 calories per portion. Light meat also has slightly fewer calories than dark meat, so always choose breast instead of leg or thigh. Before you cook your meat, prick the skin to allow the fat to drain out. Cook it on an upturned ovenproof plate so it’s not sitting in the fat. Serve with lots of steamed vegetables and you have the perfect Christmas feast, without all the extra calories.

© Sarah West Nutrition

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