Re-train your brain


In order for any weight loss regime to succeed, you need to start looking at healthy food in a different way.

Instead of resenting the changes to your lifestyle, try thinking of the food you eat as high quality fuel that will help you to look and feel better with every mouthful. The positive association could make all the difference.


Instead of fixating on the negative aspects of exercise, try making a list of all the benefits; such as  looking leaner, having more energy, receiving compliments on your appearance and being able to wear clothes you don’t currently feel comfortable in.

Imagine being your goal weight and how it would make you look and feel. Surely that’s worth going to the gym for?


A common dieting pitfall is the belief that you can eat as much as you like as long as you exercise. However, the truth is that your portion sizes are an important part of the plan.

However long you spend in the gym, you won’t see results if you consistently consume more additional calories than you burn off. You can’t out run your fork!

© Sarah West Nutrition

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