Sleep tight


How well you feel during your waking hours can depend entirely on how you sleep each night. A good night’s rest allows the body to repair and rejuvenate and is necessary to feel energised, mentally sharp and emotionally balanced.


Research shows that you sleep more deeply if you exercise regularly: as little 20-30 minutes per day can help you to enjoy a more restful slumber.

However, since exercise raises your body temperature and causes you to feel more alert, the timing of your workout is very important. A cooler body temperature and relaxed mind is associated with sleep onset so you should always finish your exercise at least 3 hours before bedtime.


If you have trouble sleeping it is a good idea to keep your evening meal light, with no strong flavours. Fatty foods is a lot of work for your stomach to digest and spicy or acidic foods can cause heartburn: both of which may keep you up at night.

It may also be helpful to limit how much you drink before bed. Caffeinated and alcoholic drinks – which act as both stimulants and diuretics – are particularly likely to have a disruptive effect.

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