Break the habit


Despite the wide variety of foods available in the UK, research shows that the majority of British people eat the same foods at breakfast and lunch every day.

Cereal, toast and tea were voted the most popular breakfast options, while sandwiches make up over half of all British lunches. For dinner, 48% of participants consumed pasta at least once a week, followed by chips (38%) and pizza (32%).


Always doing the same old exercises at the gym? Scared to try something new? Sometimes you need to take yourself out of our comfort zone in order to avoid overtraining and injuring yourself.

45Remember that your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers, so don’t be afraid to try a new machine or routine. You will work different muscles and keep your body guessing each week.


Eating the same type of food every day is not only boring, but could also lead to deficiencies in certain nutrients. A good way of addressing this is by looking at the colour of your food.

If you’re eating mainly colourless carbohydrates such as breads, cereals, pastas, rice and potatoes you’re ignoring other nutrient-packed foods that are essential for health. For a full complement of antioxidants, up your fruit and vegetables and try to eat something red, purple, orange, yellow and green each day.

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