You can’t beat an egg


You don’t need to buy expensive foods to consume a nutritious diet. Apart from being inexpensive, eggs are a great source of concentrated nutrition including fat-soluble vitamins D, A, E and K, all the B vitamins and minerals such as phosphorous, calcium, zinc and iron.

Still not convinced? Contrary to popular belief, they won’t negatively affect your cholesterol levels; however many you eat.


The structure of the human body is built on protein. Exercise depletes the critical amino acids required to make protein, but eggs contain everything our bodies need for optimum 2growth and maintenance of lean, metabolically active tissue.

So forget expensive protein shakes to boost your strength training; eggs give you access to one of nature’s best protein sources at a fraction of the cost.


Eggs are easy to prepare and can be cooked in a variety of ways, which is vital to help keep boredom at bay. Try them scrambled, poached, fried or in an omelette as a quick post-workout meal.

And don’t just eat the whites; egg yolks contain protein and B vitamins and are relatively high in calories, which can help you achieve the caloric surplus necessary for muscle gain.

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