Beat the 3pm slump


It’s a modern day phenomena; even when you’ve eaten well all day, you still find yourself craving something sweet to perk you up in the afternoon.

So how can you beat the 3pm slump and stay energised all afternoon without breaking your diet?


If you’re struggling with cravings, try changing your environment by getting up and doing some exercise.

Physical activity not only helps to relieve stress and fatigue (common junk food triggers), but it also improves inhibitory control within the brain which can help regulate how likely you are to give in to cravings. So get up and go for a walk; you might be surprised by how quickly the sugar craving evaporates.


Be prepared! If it gets to 3pm & you’ve nothing left nutritious left to eat, you’ll be far more inclined to seek out sweet treats.

Remove all temptation and keep a steady supply of healthy snacks in your bag or desk drawer to ensure you’re never caught short. Fresh fruit, vegetable crudities and containers of unsalted nuts & seeds are particularly good choices.

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