Get happy


Studies have found that feeling positive helps boost the immune system, making happy people less likely to suffer from physical illness. In contrast, stress and negative thoughts can exert a negative on effects on your health through the same biological pathways.

Try these natural mood-boosters to help avoid stress and give yourself a lift.


44050902574705617xtH0qrFGcPhysical activity is vital for health, fitness and happiness. Those who exercise frequently not only feel better but benefit from the added sense of accomplishment that comes from meeting personal fitness goals and improving their physical appearance.

By making a commitment to exercise, you will reap the psychological and physical rewards on a regular basis.


When trying to get healthy, don’t think in terms of sacrificing the foods you enjoy: concentrate on all the delicious things you can add to your diet that will make you look and feel better.

Chicken or chickpea curry served with cashew nuts, brown rice and live yogurt makes a delicious meal that is also packed full of tryptophan, the feel-good amino acid.

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