Diet & exercise myths


Trying to lose weight? It may seem a straight-forward concept, but there is a wealth of misleading information out there which can leave you feeling confused and far from achieving your goals. These tips will help to dispel a couple of common diet and exercise myths which may be holding you back.


The myth: Sit-ups will give me a flat stomach.

The reality: Many people’s stomachs are flabby due to excess fat rather than weak stomach muscles. Whilst correctly performed sit-ups will help strengthen your muscles, you won’t see the definition you crave unless you first lose the layer of fat resting on top.

If you really want to see results, try interval training in combination with crunches and you will both burn fat and strengthen abdominal muscles.


The myth: If I exercise a lot,  I can eat whatever I want.

The reality: Even if you’re in the gym every day of the week, it doesn’t give you a license to forgo a healthy diet. It is all too easy to out-eat your workout and undo all your calorie-burning efforts.

If you want to see results, try consuming 250 fewer daily calories whilst burning an extra 250 calories per day in the gym: this creates enough of a calorie deficit to achieve an average weight loss of a pound a week.

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