Reward yourself


Losing weight is a task that requires plenty of perseverance; and one way to ensure that you will not give up hope is to reward yourself.

Granting yourself regular rewards (i.e. for every 5lbs lost) will make your weight loss journey more interesting, and help provide the motivation you need to reach your ultimate goal. And if you keep it up for long enough you’ll reap the ultimate reward; a fit and healthy body to be proud of.


When it comes to weight loss, the rewards along the way should help you work toward your goals, not against it.

Fitness-related treats such as smart new gym clothes, comfier trainers, a fitness magazine subscription, a personal training session or a new piece of equipment (such as a fitness ball, resistance bands or even an mp3 player to listen to while you exercise) are not only great incentives but will help spur you on even further.


One of the hardest struggles can be breaking the habit of rewarding yourself with unhealthy food. Whilst you do deserve a treat; you do not deserve to punish your poor body by plying it with junk and empty calories.

Rather than celebrating your achievements with cake or wine, be kind to yourself and treat yourself to a massage or pampering session instead. By granting yourself non-food rewards, you will find that there are many things that bring greater excitement and fulfillment than unhealthy food.

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